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Climate Justice

Using Regenerative Economic Development to Re-Indigenize

| Recording/Webinar | All Ages

This session is about David Cobb from Cooperation Humboldt and Michelle Vassel from the Wiyot Tribe working with impact investors to create an indigenous-owned and led Community Land Trust to buy land, build cooperative housing, and support worker-owned businesses. No development will take place that does not have the support and approval of the Wiyot people. Whenever possible the land itself would be owned by the Wiyot, and the improvements/buildings would be owned by cooperative structures that enter into long-term leases with the Wiyot. They are developing concrete projects that meet people's material needs while explicitly using a solidarity economics framework. Their approach incorporates a 12-week curriculum where they study/grapple with the intersection of settler colonialism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism. They want participants to learn about a concrete policy that can be replicated in their community.