A group of people walking down the street while holding a sign that reads "Climate Justice = Economic Justice"

Power Shift Convergences

The Convergences

We build our power by coming together. Our most recent convergence, Power Shift 2021, took place virtually in the first 100 days of the Biden Presidential inauguration to build on the political momentum built throughout 2020 to ensure accountability from newly elected officials. The convergence made space for youth activists to get trained on critical skills and grow powerful campaigns for climate, environmental, and social justice for the coming decade. PS21’s planning, programs, and post-convergence activation centered the impacts of structural oppression such as environmental racism and the effects of climate disasters, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color like Bvlbancha (colonially known as New Orleans).

Between 2007-2013, Power Shift Network (then known as Energy Action Coalition) hosted four national Power Shift convergences, gathering hundreds of young climate leaders to learn, strategize, and build the movement. In 2016, we took Power Shift on the road, hosting four regional convergences. We have also supported several other regional gatherings over the last several years, from Oregon to Ohio to North Carolina.

We still believe that there’s power in coming together— even in a virtual setting like PS21 was.

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Past Convergences

Power Shift 2021

Power Shift 2021 took place in the first 100 days following the Presidential inauguration and was our first virtual convergence. Our goal was to build on the political momentum built throughout 2020 to ensure accountability from newly elected officials. We brought more than 1,600 young people from across the globe together. They were trained in organizing and campaigning skills; learned about politics, environmental justice, and movement history; and took action in their communities. More than half of our attendees—and 72% of presenters—were Black, Indigenous, or people of color. 

Power Shift 2016

In 2016, in the midst of a critical election cycle in the US, we took Power Shift on the road, with regional convergences designed to empower, support, and mobilize youth climate justice leaders all across the United States -- starting in their own communities. Attendees came from widely diverse communities, including 50% of attendees who identified as Black, Indigenous, and/or a person of color.

Power Shift 2013

Power Shift 2013 was the first ever national Power Shift hosted outside of Washington, DC so we could focus on grassroots strategies to address the climate crisis and building a clean and just energy economy in our own communities. More than 7,000 activists converged on Pittsburgh — the first city in the country to enact a ban on fracking, and at the heart of building a clean energy economy, but still in the crosshairs of the coal and gas industry.

Power Shift 2011

Facing a stalled national political climate, we refocused our movement on local politics, stopping dirty energy, and local green economy solutions. Power Shift 2011 was the largest grassroots organizing training in history, with thousands of youth activists sharing their experiences and learning how to grow our power as a movement.

Our bold organizing got the attention of the White House. In an unprecedented gathering, 11 grassroots youth leaders met with President Obama to discuss his climate and energy policies. The meeting ended with President Obama saying “My job is to govern; and your job is to push me.” And we listened; since then our movement has stepped up to push President Obama to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and more.

Power Shift 2009

We reconvened in the first 100 days of the then-new Obama Administration to demand the President and Congress take bold action on climate. Thousands flooded Capitol Hill for the single largest lobby day in history, and marched to shut down the coal-fired Capitol Power Plant as part of the Capitol Climate Action.

Power Shift 2007

Thousands came together for the first time to raise the urgency on climate change, and champion the ideas of a clean energy economy and green jobs as we headed into the 2008 elections.