Young people march across a bridge in Pittsburgh as part of PS2013.

Pipeline Resistance

Fighting fossil fuel infrastructure in the Midwest and beyond

Pipelines are the superhighways for toxic oil spills and carbon emissions. They cut through tribal lands, farm country, and treasured landscapes, threatening our health, water, and livelihoods with every mile. From extraction to emissions, the oil industry prioritizes profits over people.

Young people across the country are organizing to stop other dirty oil and gas infrastructure and set an economic, cultural, and political precedent that says we can no longer be written off by corporations as a disposable generation. Power Shift Network member organizations and action teams are organizing bold actions, creating coordinated solidarity across regions, and going deep on local organizing. We're building a movement to stop tar sands, the Bakken oil fields, and all other dangerous forms of oil extraction at the source -- and to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Stopping dirty fossil fuel infrastructure is one of the first steps toward building the just, clean energy future we know is possible.

StopLine 3

The Line 3 “replacement” project is a proposal by Enbridge Energy to build a new oil pipeline through northern Minnesota, carrying 760,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day along a new corridor -- one which jeopardizes Anishinaabe treaty territory, the heart of northern Minnesota lake country, the Mississippi headwaters, and countless landowners’ private property.

Even if the oil never spilled, the spiritual harm and disrespect that construction would cause is enormous, and the carbon emissions from the tar sands would be equivalent to 50 coal-fired power plants, saddling society with more than $287 billion in climate damages in just the first 30 years of operations. Those are damages young people around the world will pay in crop failure, damaging storms, insect-borne disease, wildfires, land lost to rising sea levels, and deadly heat waves.

But ever since Line 3 was proposed in 2014, a massive grassroots movement has emerged to stop it. Pipeline fighters and water protectors are rising up to stop this dangerous tar sands pipeline from ever being constructed -- and, slowly but surely, they're winning. The Power Shift Network, alongside our partners on the ground in Minnesota and across the continent, have been supporting young organizers fighting this project in court, in the streets, and through direct action.

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