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Climate Justice

The Climate Collapse: Changing the Narrative for Frontline Communities of the Americas

| Recording/Webinar | All Ages

Through this workshop there is an introductory conversation about the foundations of the Environmental Justice movement and the principles it abides to with a particular focus on the climate collapse, climate migration, and the continuous exposure to toxins communities face— such as trash incinerators, factory farms, and metal foundries— once they arrive to Minnesota, and ways in which we can change the narrative for BIPOC communities in the state.

There is a direct connection between the climate crisis, conflict over diminishing natural resources, and internally displaced people in Latin America who are forced to migrate or flee conflict as a result. This session aims to give an international perspective of the climate crisis as it relates to migrant communities. We want to encourage others to think globally, but act locally, so everyone is given the opportunity to participate at the table. We want to ensure environmental policies are inclusive of immigrant and frontline communities, seek to establish a green regenerative economy, build renewable energy alternatives, and implement better commercial regulations to not concentrate pollution in historically underserved communities.