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Power Shift Network is a national community of organizations who work with young leaders to fight for climate justice. Our members work on an incredible diversity of issues and campaigns—from fighting toxic tar sands pipelines to building locally-owned renewable energy projects to supporting young people of color to run for office—and they range from small student groups to big national nonprofits and everything in between.

Member organizations gain access to a variety of resources to help you organize more powerfully and effectively, like small financial grants, coaching and training support, and the ability to make connections with activists and organizers across the country.

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Young campus fossil fuel divestment activists pose with a banner that says "Harvard Heat Week".

Divest Ed

Divest Ed is a training and strategy hub working to grow and support the campus-based fossil fuel divestment movement. Together, they’re leveraging the power of educational institutions as moral pillars of their communities -- to drive divestment from climate-wrecking fossil fuel companies and investment in community-based climate solutions.

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Young Zero Hour leaders speak from a stage.

Zero Hour

This is zero hour to act on climate change, and young people can’t afford to wait for adults. Zero Hour is a diverse, collaborative movement for climate justice that centers the voices and leadership of young people -- who have inherited a crisis that they had no hand in creating, but whose lives will be most impacted.

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