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Climate Justice

U.S. Militarism + Climate Justice

Power Shift Network

Recording/Webinar | All Ages

DuringĀ fall 2020, Power Shift Network launched a series of critical conversations that will strengthen the collective power and impact of the climate movement. Aiming to unravel the realities of state violence and how those systems impact our movement for climate justice, each conversation will examine the intractable links between systems of U.S. sanctioned state violence, such as U.S. Militarism, Immigration Systems, White Nationalism, and their impacts on our movement for climate justice. This conversation is about the ways that U.S. Militarism emboldens the climate crisis and reduces our ability to build resilient communities capable of weathering the impacts of climate catastrophes, and the foundational issues connecting the struggle to reduce military spending with our work to mitigate the climate crisis.