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Climate Justice

There's Lead in the Water: Environmental Racism & Reproductive Justice

| Recording/Webinar | All Ages

Presenter, JV, shares findings and reflections on the intersections of Environmental Racism and Sexual Reproductive Justice as a Sexuality Educator based out of Newark, NJ. This is a mix of qualitative knowledge sharing as well as a historical and present-day look at anti-Black violence perpetrated by the state. We invite the fleet of young people entering the world of the nonprofit industrial complex and Sexual Reproductive Justice to consider the lived experiences of BIPOC living in present-day red-lining. We urge young people to de-centralize the messages of white feminism and instead find solidarity in communities with shared struggles and visions of the future. There is a corporate source of violence we can name and plenty of unspoken stories woven into the fight to dismantle oppressive systems. This session is intended for people interested in sexual reproductive justice (educators, social workers, etc).