Folks are holding a light purple colored casket that says RIP. " title="Folks are holding a light purple colored casket that says RIP.

Convergence tickets are out, PSN staff retreat, & more

In this month's newsletter we announce availability of our convergence tickets, celebrate most of PSN staff meeting up in person, and the ways Network Member Orgs have collaborated together and are constantly making shifts in detrimental systems.

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"Connecting the dots between prisons and climate change"

Our new Network Support Team & climate justice building in the Gulf South

In this month's newsletter we dive into Pakistan mutual aid support requests, our new Network Support Team, and climate justice building in the Gulf South.

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There's a black and white image of a person wearing a face mask that only covers their mouth and chin. The image below this is off a street of cars with surrounding buildings. The text reads: "Live now. RADIX: Youth build solidarity & worker-ownership in a post-industrial city. (Free admission) at the jmac pop-up 20 franklin st, worcester"

Revolutionary optimism and rediscovering yourself as a young climate activist

In this month's newsletter we're diving into co-op documentaries, revolutionary optimism, and staying safe and secure as activists.

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The background of this image is of green leafy plant and below it is an interconnected web. THe words above read, "Community Defense Beginners Guide & Interactive Workbook"

Appreciation of plants, mutual aid in the formula shortage, and more

This newsletter edition includes an amazing resource on community defense, an appreciation of plants, and mutual aid in the formula shortage.

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An aerial view of a forest with the words "Frontline Climate Warriors"

PSN programming & blog posts are back!

This newsletter edition includes Earth Day action roundups, fellowships, and a webinar on fighting imperialist propaganda.

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This graphic is a pink and blue pastel colored background. There is a cactus with headphones on and the words above read, "Healing Arts From The Borderland Podcast"

Anti-war organizing, healing podcasts, & PS23 info!

This newsletter edition includes anti-war organizing, healing podcasts, & PS23 info!

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Camera equipment is pointed toward 3 people who are standing in a body of water

Celebrating Black history, new projects, & looking into what's happening in Ukraine

Standouts from this edition: Our ED has a book coming out, we worked on a film about Black folks and sustainability, and more!

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A group of people stand outside wearing jackets and carrying signs that read "Chase Funds Climate Chaos"

We're back with new updates and orgs to celebrate

We have new Network Members, new staff members, and new educational content around climate justice coming your way in the coming weeks. In the meantime, catch up on new updates from us as we move a bit more slowly after our holiday break.

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Three people wearing white masks covering their mask make a C shape with their hands. They are standing in front of a sign that reads "UN Climate Change Conference"

Climate global events and growing BIPOC youth-led climate movement

PSN and our Network fam's experience at COP26

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Sound waves bounce off a blue and white megaphone towards the words, "This is an emergency. The world is on fire and so are we"

Actions to join, fundraising support, Latinx environmental protectors

Next week I along with water protectors, Indigenous leaders, and other Power Shift Network staff will be joining a People vs Fossil Fuels civil disobedience week of action in Washington DC to demand that Biden stop every fossil fuel project, including Line 3.

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A person looks serious, they're wearing hoop earrings and holding their arms up.

Direct mutual aid support for Louisiana & new fall programming

Keep reading to find a list of direct mutual aid asks from folks on the ground in Louisiana.

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A black and white photo of a person holding both their hands up with the words "Our Climate Voices x Lead To Life: Remedy Climate, Ritual & Roots A Virtual Artist Residency"

How are you dreaming & scheming?

Dreaming and scheming together has been done virtually for so long (our Network Member Organizations are great at that), but there's nothing like building that community in person. Keep reading to check up on what our Network Members are up to, what's happening in the movement, and more.

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