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Political Education

Un-Censor Your News Media: Battling Propaganda and Finding Frontline News Sources

Power Shift Network

Curriculum & Resource Bank | All Ages

This is a webinar for organizers and leftists on how to recognize imperialism news media for what it is and how to seek out sources from the people on the ground in other parts of the world.

As world leaders continue to wage war and battle over fossil fuels at the expense of the poor, they also work hard to craft their narrative of benevolence. Young people deserve access to honest, ethical, grassroots news reporting on global issues, and this training will provide you with both the analysis and hard skill of recognizing and avoiding propaganda.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to write essays, op-eds, white pages, fact sheets, or create other content on world events and want to use ethical, grassroots sources for your reporting
  • you don't want to fall for false solutions to climate change due to greenwashed propaganda
  • you're on a political education journey and want to learn from outside of western/U.S.-centric perspective
  • you want to have conversations with your community members about current events and want to pass along the skill of recognizing and confronting propaganda