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Digital Organizing

Social Media Strategy and Building Online to Offline Communities

Recording/Webinar | All Ages

This training will explore the power and tactics of building community with individual activists online and how to strengthen coalitions with other organizations on social media to amplify content and help organizers reach their goals.

Young people, across race and place, must make our voices heard and build the popular, multi-racial movement for social change, centering climate, racial, and economic justice. One important way to do so is by having a strategic organic social media program that helps build the narrative of what we are for and pressures those in power to take action on our demands. 

Through this pandemic, young organizers and the organizations that support them have an opportunity to cultivate online communities that can support each other online and offline. Just like in person / traditional organizing, we will train on social media strategies that center connecting with individuals and organizations, creating engaging content and creating pathways to crowdsource content creation, and importantly how to build coalitions/organizations that can drive action beyond social media. This must be rooted in art, culture, and determination to build our interconnectedness across movements for social change.

Participants will leave the session with a greater understanding of how to leverage social media to build community, online coalitions, and engaging content that is tied to organizing goals on and offline. This is not, however, a graphic design training, but rather a social media strategy training.