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Edible Wild Plants of West Michigan, Volume 1

Reading | All Ages


This zine is designed to give folks an easy introduction to foraging in Grand Rapids and the greater West Michigan area. Whereas other field guides and foraging books focus on an almost overwhelming number of plants, we stick to fourteen plants that are reasonably easy to find: Ramps (Wild Leeks), Wild Garlic, Wild Asparagus, Lamb’s Quarters, Juneberry, Wild Bergamot, Black Raspberry, Blackberry, Purslane, Dandelion, Hen-of-the-Woods, Dryad’s Saddle, Chicken-of-the-Woods, Blue Violet, and Crabapple. There is at least one photo of every plant and line drawings for many of them. Many of these plants should be able to be found elsewhere in the Midwest and Eastern United States.