Leadership Development

Our Staff

Nadya Dutchin

Interim Executive Director

Nadya has 10-plus years of member recruitment, account management, and fundraising experience in the non- profit healthcare industry and is most proud of having developed and grown a national college-focused bone marrow recruitment and education organization called Be The Match on Campus.

She is new to the climate movement and is helping local residents and businesses switch to clean energy and build renewable energy projects in the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas as the Community Engagement Manager at Groundswell, a local non-profit.

Nadya cares deeply about the health of families and communities, both locally and abroad, who are adversely affected by climate change. She works each day to educate people about their clean energy options and how they can make incremental changes that can positively affect the environmental and economic health of their local communities. Nadya attended Florida A&M University after growing up in Minneapolis, MN. She currently lives in Baltimore, MD with her family.

Hope Ghazala

Network Director

Hope Ghazala (Pronoun: name only) is a queer, Muslim, Egypt-o-Rican, who continuously devotes themselves to gender, ethnic and racial equity. As a Licensed Social Worker and community capacity builder, Hope has grounded themself in fostering leadership development, particularly for young people of color. Experiences working in museums, domestic violence, consent campaigns, and youth leadership development have expanded Hope’s passion for creating spaces that are accessible and value multicultural experiences.

Hope began as PSN's Trainings Coordinator, uplifting the needs and voices of disinvested communities by providing and amplifying organizational and youth leadership opportunities. Now, within the Network Director role, Hope focuses on facilitating member connectivity and alignment.

Hope is a native New Yorker who loves to explore NYC, travel internationally, dance and read cross-cultural fiction.

Lena Rodriguez

Digital Fellow - External Communications

Bio: Lena has been an activist for human rights and climate justice since the age of thirteen. Now eighteen, Lena is attending a community college to eventually go to a university for her Bachelor's in Cultural Anthropology. Along with college and Power Shift work, she is also the founder of Spark Of Life Collective, an organization that focuses on the human rights issues that underlay the climate crisis. This Las Vegas, NV native loves interacting with other activists of all backgrounds and loves that this is the work that she has been able to do with her life thus far.

Akilah Sanders-Reed

Oil Free Organizer

Akilah grew up in New Mexico, where she stumbled into climate organizing as a high school student in 2009 and never looked back. Driven by a sense of solidarity with our generation as the global front line of the climate crisis, she organized with 350.org, 1 Sky, iMatter, and the Sierra Club before moving to the Twin Cities, MN, to attend Macalester College. During undergrad, she became a committed pipeline resistance fighter, working to bridge the gap between campus and community activism and expose Enbridge for the scoundrels they are.

When she's not disassembling the oil empire, she can be found rowing crew on the Mississippi or coaxing her rusty bike to the far corners of the Twin Cities' trails.

Dany Sigwalt

Co-Executive Director

Dany Sigwalt, a native of Washington, DC, has spent much of her activist career oscillating between movement building and youth leadership development, working to marry the two into one cohesive organizational reality. She cut her organizing teeth providing solidarity childcare for housing rights advocates in DC, fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with the Occupy DC movement. She joined Power Shift Network in 2016 as Operations Director, and has been supporting the organization in exploring better distribution of leadership energy since.  

Sierra Underdue

Digital Fellow - Internal Communications

Sierra is new to the communications field, having just graduated with her bachelors of science in communication studies in May 2018. She has since then made the commitment to helping businesses and non- profits improve their communications systems and processes through social media engagement, email correspondence and flawless website presence. Previously, Sierra served as a Communications and Development VISTA through Americorps and is happy to join the PSN team as an internal communications fellow! Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey Sierra has seen first hand the environmental injustices people of color face and is committed to using the skills she's acquired through her studies to amplify the message of climate justice. When she's not working, Sierra enjoys cooking, listening to Solange on repeat and writing poetry.

Sarin Glenn

Network Organizer- Community Colleges & HBCUs

Sarin Glenn (Pronouns: They/Them) A queer, biracial, leftist with a dedication to radical change through collective action- and collective musical funk. 

Born and raised in Texas, Sarin found themselves thrust into organizing while a student at the University of Texas at El Paso. Fighting side by side with community members, families, professors, and students, Sarin found real change and transformative hope in community-based organizing and action. Now they come to the Power Shift Network to engage Community Colleges, HBCU’s, and other Minority Serving Institutions in the Power Shift Network, including our Power Shift convenings as well as the larger youth climate movement.
When not working to disassemble capitalism through collective action and planning, they can be found hammocking in rural Virginia or reading one of their favorite Octavia Butler novels beside their beloved cat.