Our Staff

Zahira Chaudhry

Development and Communications Coordinator

Zahira Chaudhry (Pronouns: She/Her) is an environmentalist and photographer from the Bay Area. She often works on bridging the gaps between contemporary environmental activism and art/media. Currently residing in the Easy Bay, she co-creates Alluvia Magazine, a publication uplifting the voices and creative expressions of environmental artists of color. In 2019, she helped create the first students of color environmental conference at UC Berkeley. In her free time you can find her shooting portraits of her friends, watering her plants or biking around her neighborhood.

Saren Glenn

Network Organizer- Community Colleges & HBCUs

Saren Glenn (Pronouns: They/Them); A queer, biracial, leftist with a dedication to radical change through collective action and collective musical funk. Born and raised in Texas, Saren found themselves thrust into organizing while a student at the University of Texas at El Paso. Fighting side-by-side with community members, families, professors, and students, Saren found real change and transformative hope in community-based organizing and action. Now they come to the Power Shift Network to engage Community Colleges, HBCU’s, and other Minority Serving Institutions, including our Power Shift convenings as well as the larger youth climate movement. When not working to disassemble capitalism through collective action and planning, they can be found hammocking in rural Virginia or reading one of their favorite Octavia Butler novels beside their beloved cat.

Nathalie Peña

Digital Associate

Nathalie (Pronouns: She/Her) is Dominican-American and is from N.Y.C. Her first experience in the environmentalism space was as an intern in her alma mater’s sustainability office. That love of learning all there is to know about climate justice stayed with her while she worked in public relations, prompting her to leave the industry and explore her other passions. Since she’s new to the digital organizing space, she’s excited to learn from other staff members and the inspiring Network Member Organizers! In her free time, you’ll most likely find her working on a freelance writing project, getting lost in a sea of newsletters, watching Japanese reality T.V., or finally getting back to a yoga routine.

Akilah Sanders-Reed

Oil Free Organizer

Akilah (Pronouns: She/Her) grew up in New Mexico, where she stumbled into climate organizing as a high school student in 2009 and never looked back. Driven by a sense of solidarity with our generation as the global front line of the climate crisis, she organized with, 1 Sky, iMatter, and the Sierra Club before moving to the Twin Cities, MN, to attend Macalester College. During undergrad, she became a committed pipeline resistance fighter, working to bridge the gap between campus and community activism and expose Enbridge for the scoundrels they are. When she's not disassembling the oil empire, she can be found rowing crew on the Mississippi or coaxing her rusty bike to the far corners of the Twin Cities' trails.

Noel Schroeder

Administrative Coordinator

Noel Schroeder (Pronouns: They/Them) is an activist, educator, and organizer in Washington, D.C. with a decade of leadership experience in nonprofit management and international solidarity work. They are the Co-Executive Director of Girls Rock! DC, a Deep Time educator at the National Museum of Natural History, a core organizer with Cop Watch DC, and a strategic coaching consultant for social and gender justice organizations. They love creating fiber art, baked goods, jangly guitar noises, and alternative structures for community care.

Dany Sigwalt

Co-Executive Director

Dany Sigwalt (Pronouns: She/Her), a native of Washington, DC, has spent much of her career moving between movement building and youth leadership development, working to marry the two into one cohesive strategic reality. She cut her organizing teeth providing solidarity childcare for housing rights advocates in DC, fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with the Occupy DC movement. She joined Power Shift Network in 2016 as Operations Director and has been supporting the organization in exploring better distribution of leadership energy for long term sustainability ever since. 

Eriqah Vincent

Network Engagement Director

A proud native of Newark, NJ, Eriqah R. K. Vincent (Pronouns: She/Her) is a 2010 departmental honors graduate of Spelman College with a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Women’s Studies. Eriqah has a long history with the Power Shift Network. While at Spelman, she became a member of an environmental student organization chartered at Morehouse College and attended her first Power Shift convergence in 2009. This event sparked a major shift that would set a new course for her life. Now with an environmental nonprofit career that spans over a decade, she has worked for National Wildlife Federation with the NWF EcoLeaders Program coordinating the program’s recruitment efforts to the new online community and leadership development initiative for youth environmental leaders and the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) managing the organization’s “Just” Energy Portfolio, among others. The accomplishment she is most proud of is creating PSE's main umbrella youth engagement initiative, "Keep That Same Energy", which seeks to train and develop young leaders 25 and under into a youth army of community advocates committed to equity for all. Eriqah’s personal and professional passion is to provide resources, mentorship, and in-depth leadership development to communities of color including, but not limited to, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, like her beloved alma mater.