White Nationalism panel graphic

Climate + State Violence: White Nationalism Webinar

The past decade has illustrated for many of us the role of organized white nationalists in pushing political narratives. From the Birtherism movement that launched Trump's national political platform to QAnon to the protests in Charlottesville, we're seeing dog whistling and virtue signaling across our political discourse to hold space for organized white nationalists at arms reach. When we talk about climate change and environmental policy, we see this play out in the ways that Indigenous land across the west is sold off to the highest bidder to drill for oil, and eco-facist rhetoric that protects immediate financial interests over the future of people on this planet. Our last discussion in our fall webinar series will dive into White Nationalism and its impact on our movement for climate justice and collective liberation. 

Power Shift Network's Eriqah Vincent will be joined by Cascadia Wildlands Grassroots Organizer, Dylan Plummer, and researcher of the Far Right, Spencer Sunshine, PhD.