Power Shift Network Supports a Green New Deal

The Power Shift Network is a national community of 80+ organizations who work with young leaders to fight for climate justice. Through the network, we seek to accelerate the transition to clean energy and create a just and sustainable future for all by providing young people with the tools and guidance they need to drive the environmental movement. Our members work on an incredible diversity of issues and campaigns—from fighting toxic tar sands pipelines to building locally-owned renewable energy projects to supporting young people of color to run for office—and they range from small student groups to big national nonprofits and everything in between.

Statement on Ocasio-Cortez-Markey Green New Deal resolution:

Power Shift Network (PSN) includes a mix of organizations; some fighting for a Green New Deal, others acting in good faith to identify potential gaps in consultation, strategy, and wording in the resolution. We are, as ever, grateful for the wisdom, complexity, and effectiveness of the chorus of voices in the Network, and for the bold vision that the framework that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey have proposed with the support of Sunrise Movement and dozens of other organizations leading the charge.

We endorse the framework and the language put forward by the Green New Deal resolution. PSN’s ultimate vision is 'a safe climate and just future where communities are thriving and own their power.' We believe that a Green New Deal is a crucial step toward that vision. While there is still time to make the Green New Deal more ambitious and justice-centered, we believe it is critical to build momentum and support the resolution before it can be torpedoed by the fossil fuel industry and their politicians. Our support for this Green New Deal resolution does not mean that every member organization of Power Shift Network unequivocally endorses the Green New Deal or any relevant legislation. If and when binding legislation is put forward, we anticipate moving through a process of consultation, voting, and internal alignment before endorsing as a Network. In the meantime, we encourage our supporters to sign up for Sunrise’s next steps with the Senate Sprint to lobby Senators to co-sponsor, increase the pressure against climate deniers like Mitch McConnell, or both.


Tags: Energy democracy, Pipeline Resistance