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Power Shift 2023 Recruitment Fellow

Status: Full-time (32hrs/wk), Remote, Temporary
Reports to: Convergence Coordinator
Salary: Varies based on experience and geography, $40k for those based in Bvlbancha (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Benefits: 100% employer-paid health insurance premium with 50% dependent coverage, retirement contribution, home office and professional development stipends, 3 weeks vacation and 2 weeks sick/personal leave and the office is closed the last two weeks of the year.
Location: Remote! Anywhere in the US, with a strong preference for folks in Bvlbancha (New Orleans, Louisiana) specifically, and the Gulf South more generally.


About PSN & the Recruitment Fellow Role

Power Shift Network (PSN) is a Black-led national network of over 120 organizations committed to growing the impact of the youth climate justice movement and creating a just, clean energy future and resilient, thriving communities for all. PSN staff is queer, radical, femme, trans, Black, Brown, Indigenous, neurodivergent, and disabled. We are thought leaders in the climate movement, dedicated to doing the work through an intersectional, multi-issue lens.  We know that to do this work we need to center and uplift the most affected, the frontline communities, the regions and bodies that have always been the vanguard of this work– Black folks, Indigenous folks, poor folks, queer folks, marginalized folks who have been protecting their communities, their territories, their kin for generations.


We’re hiring support roles for 2023’s convergence.  PSN dedicates so much time and resources into building out our bi-yearly convergences because they tie all of our relationship-building goals together on a massive scale– Power Shift 2023 will bring thousands of young people together for three days of training and community building, providing access to time-tested strategies and tactics while activating key relationships and campaigns that will continue post-convergence. PSN convergences are a collaboration built by the staff, the network, and the local host city community. The recruitment fellow will help hold the container focusing on nation-wide recruitment to meet the goal of turning out at least 3,000 young people to PS23 happening April 5-9 in Bvlbancha, collaborate with PSN communications team and the Network Organizers, participate in the narrative building of the convergence from promotional materials to media exposure, help mobilize multiple communities to bring folks to the convergence, and create systems to maintain engagement and activation post-convergence.


We strongly encourage Black, Indigenous, People of color, women, 2SLGBTQ+ folks, and front-line community activists to apply for this position. We believe that all work dedicated to the cause of liberation is climate justice work (and that all climate justice work should center liberation) so even if you think your past work and organizing experience “isn’t related to climate,” give us a shot– it probably is! If you’re excited by this position, we want to hear from you.



  • Collaboratively strategize to meet the recruitment goals for PS23 and execute that strategy by harnessing the people power of the Network, such as engaging Network member orgs, partner orgs, and community/campus leaders to reach their networks and building buy-in and interest for the convergence.
  • Facilitate recruitment planning team meetings, including scheduling, ensuring notes from meetings are documented, creating and seeing through the agendas of meetings, and following up with folks.
  • Manage planning team communications
  • Sending out action step reminders post meeting and assisting in maintaining work timelines.
  • Liaise with planning team members and staff, including connecting with staff about weekly needs and reporting needs and insights to Convergence Coordinator.
  • Support canvassing efforts such as phone banking and email and social media campaigns.
  • Assist in drafting, reviewing, and circulating promotional and press materials
  • Assist in maintaining contact lists and building out mailing lists.
  • Work closely with planning team and staff to activate our network organizations and their communities to get the word out about PS23
  • Serve as an additional point of contact for network members looking to participate in PS23 and answering questions as needed.


The right person will have: 

  • A passion for creating campaigns and relationships in the spirit of care and liberation, for creating communities and campaigns where each person can bring their whole selves to the table.
  • A passion for building systems and structures that scale
  • Be connected with youth movements for social justice and focused on relational and transformative organizing models.
  • Committed to dismantling systems of oppression, with an understanding that climate justice must include dismantling institutional racism, anti-Blackness, colonialism, capitalism, and gender and sexuality based oppression.



  • Experience in grassroots community organizing (paid or unpaid) and/or working in the field, including working with a variety of different types of people and organizations.
  • Spanish language proficiency a plus.
  • An understanding of systems and who has been left out of systems of power, and a willingness to center those who have been historically marginalized
  • Familiarity with Asana, Google suite, Zoom, and Slack a plus.
  • Strong group facilitation skills
  • Strong project management
  • Experience working with volunteer teams
  • Aptitude for working with and breaking down numerical metrics/goals
  • Enthusiastic about building new connections / relationships
  • Comfort using social media (Insta, TikTok, etc), email, and phone calls to engage people
  • Experience with large events (500+ people) is a plus, but not required
  • Marketing experience or skills, a plus.

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